Institución: CeNTech – Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität, Münster, Germany
Web: http://www.centech.de/index113.htm
Dirección: Heisenbergstrasse 11, D-48149 Muenster - Germany
Director/a del Grupo: Cristian A. Strassert (ca.s@uni-muenster.de), A. G. De Cola

Tema General de Trabajo: Fotofísica, fotoquímica, fotobiología – Nanomateriales fotoactivos con aplicaciones tecnológicas y biomédicas

Equipamiento Disponible:
A (spectro)electrochemistry lab is available, as well as spectroscopy facilities including a Fluorolog 2 (Horiba-Jobin- Yvon) stationary state spectrofluorimeter, a Fluorolog 3 (Horiba-Jobin-Yvon) stationary state and time resolved (TCSPC) spectrofluorimeter, a stationary state and time resolved (TCSPC) pectrofluorimeter (Edinburgh Instruments), an integrating sphere (Hamamatsu) for absolute fluorescence quantum yield determination, two Cary (Varian) double beam spectrophotometers, a dynamic light scattering instrument for zeta potential and particle size determination (Coulter-Beckmann). A Hamamatsu detector (coupled to Fluorolog 3) is available for stationary state and time resolved detection between 1100 nm and 1600 nm. The spectroscopy lab is also equipped with a fluorescence microscope (Olympus) and a MicroTime (PicoQuant) spatiotemporally resolved confocal fluorescence microscope, as well as nanosecond transient absorption facilities (Spectra Physics). A HPLC (Hewlett-Packard) instrument and FTIR spectrometer (Perkin-Elmer) for purification and haracterization of samples are also available. Extensive NMR and mass spectrometry facilities are provided by the Institute of Organic Chemistry of the WW-Univ. Münster. CeNTech provides ample amount of facilities for surface analysis (AFM, SEM, FIB-SIMS-TOF, TEM), clean rooms with glove boxes and spin coaters, as well as cell culture facilities, which are all accessible.

Posibilidad de Incorporar Becarios: Becarios DAAD son bienvenidos – Contratos de doctorado o Post-Doc se anuncian oportunamente